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Summer 5-5-2021

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The study is aimed at analyzing the effects of blackboard on preparatory students. A blackboard is a learning tool that allows students to use the course whenever they want. Blackboard allows students to access information of the study, the books needed on the course for IAU 101 or 102 books, deadlines for assignments, the assignment framework, quizzes, discussion subjects, voice presentations, and all the marks they have obtained during their session. Furthermore, students can attend live lectures, review material and discussions via a virtual environment from anywhere provided they have a stable internet connection. This research aims to determine the obstacles that English learners face while using the blackboard and the degree of effect that blackboard might have in IAU. The sample consisted of 325 students from Health, Engineering, and Science at IAU, and only 224 students completed the survey. The study found that using blackboard positively affected learners as it inspired them to learn better, motivated them to work harder than using traditional teaching methods.