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This study is quantitative in nature. It is conducted to determine the approach of Postgraduate Medical Trainees towards internet use. This study is carried out at Postgraduate Medical Institute (PGMI) Peshawar Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. The main theme of this piece of document was to examine the purpose, location of internet usage by Postgraduate Medical Trainees along with the Problems being faced during the browsing of internet. This study will also try to know the satisfaction level of these medical trainees. Data was collected through questionnaires. A total of 235 copies of questionnaires were distributed, out of which 231 copies were received with response rate of 98.29%. The findings of the study revealed that most of the trainees use the internet for entertainment purposes followed by enhancement of knowledge. Slow internet speed and lack of access to certain websites are the major obstacles to the use of internet. Training and orientation sessions, hands-on practice on online searching techniques, use of HEC digital library and provision of high bandwidth fiber optics internet are the tools with the help of which potential internet usage can be promoted and developed.



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