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Summer 5-5-2021


User privacy has been a topmost priority and one such domain where this is neglected is the area of healthcare. Our solution focuses on the idea of using blockchain to provide a platform for healthcare experts and patients, giving patients full control over the data that will be shared. This paper focuses on identifying current research that has been conducted in this area in the form of a bibliometric analysis. A bibliometric study on a research area involves a detailed analysis of citations and papers across a domain of study. The purpose of this study is a statistical analysis of publications which is so complex that it is close to impossible to understand trends merely based on knowledge and experience. There are specific tools required to recognize these trends based on the bibliometric data. This paper will give an outlook on the areas of blockchain that were explored by various papers, the criteria and pattern followed by the combination of papers, and a cumulative statistical analysis of the papers that were fetched for the purpose of our study from the Scopus database. The most popular visualization software tool VOSviewer was taken into use.