Libraries at University of Nebraska-Lincoln


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Published in Library Philosophy and Practice (2011) 10 p.


This study was conducted to investigate different aspects of library anxiety using a modified version of Multidimensional Library Anxiety Scale (Van Kampen, 2003). Participants were 123 M.A. students in the field of education and psychology at Shiraz University in Iran. The results indicated that 18% of students experience high levels of library anxiety. The result of ANOVA indicated that there is a significant correlation in all aspects of the library anxiety among students of different majors. Library and Information Science students were experienced the lowest level of library anxiety in most of aspects. Moreover, the significant difference between each major and all other majors was measured. T-tests showed that male students, in general, encounter higher levels of anxiety than females. Also it was found that the students of the second semester have experienced most amount of library anxiety. Implications of the findings are discussed. Implications of the findings are discussed.