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Summer 5-6-2021


The purpose of this research study is to identify the authorship patterns and degree of collaboration and growth of Public health foundation of India in Public Health research related with a total of 1941 records of publications authored by 12523 authors during the period 2011– 2020 derived from SCOPUS database. Validation of determine chronological growth, authorship pattern, core sources for research communication, and encouragement of productivity by citations received, various indicators, and indices and bibliometric laws i.e. Authorship pattern, RGR, Dt, CAI, DC, Bradford’s Law of distributions, and more have been applied appropriately. Additionally, used deferent software of like ‘MS-Excel’ and ‘bibliometrix’ & ‘biblioshiny’ of R-Package software and VOSviwer software applied for detailed and reliable analysis. Evaluated data figured out Average yearly contribution 194 research however accounted Mean RGR(P) ‘0.34’; Mean Dt (P) ’2.74 reveals inconsistent growth of research output. Average of ‘Collaboration index’ (CI) ‘5.60’ A total Average yearly citations were received for research occurrence in the span with an average of 10.46, Prabhakaran. D., was published highest papers 260 and got received highest citation also 4958 and total link strength 1457. For PHFI and individual research scholars. PHFI has to make more effort to promote research and create quality culture, attention of developing better policies to enhance and enrich the research performance of individuals.