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Winter 6-1-2021


The present paper talks about the use of institutional repository software (DSpace) in archiving DICOM images. In the current study, the authors have tried to integrate the DICOM metadata standard with DSpace, which was compatible with DC & OAI PMH. After integrating the DICOM standard with DSpace, and the repository tested with a sample of ten thousand images, the retrieval results using various DICOM tags was very satisfactory. This study paves for the use of OSS in storing and retrieving medical images. Digital Image Communications in Medicine (DICOM) standard has become a centre component for making an application nonpartisan programming layer between optional long haul stockpiling and essential application stockpiling. Thus, in exploring costs around long-term storage alternatives, we need to understand the roles and types of storage used in clinical applications. Ultimately, it is the volume of data that needs to be accessible for years, due to clinical and regulatory reasons that extend the cost of data management beyond the life of the technology used to keep it. Expenses related with clinical imaging keep on rising. Imaging offices regularly need to update gear each three to five years, which puts a gigantic weight on their monetary assets. Hence to overcome the ever increasing storage cost we tried OSS (DSpace) which widely used in academic environment and tried to integrated DICOM standards by this process we have demonstrated that storage cost can be reduced substantially and the proposed imaged repository can be used as retrieval system in the health care industry.