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Summer 5-7-2021


The study’s main purpose was to map Cerebral Palsy (CP), a bibliometric analysis of the highly cited research output, 1990-2020. The web of science database was used to retrieve all records related to CP. The Impact Factor of the reviews has been taken from the 2019 issue of Clarivate Analytics’ Journal Citation Report (JCR), named IF2019. The Hirsch Index (h-Index) has been compiled from the most active writers and organizations database. The co-citation networks between efficient authors of highly cited papers were used by Biblioshiny, ScientoPy, and VOS viewer. The study’s main findings were that the USA was the most influential country in contributing articles, the Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne (Australia) being the most productive institution. Developmental Medicine and Child Neurology have published the highest number of articles on CP research. It may enable future research to investigate other aspects, such as mapping CP literature research output: a bibliometric analysis of the publication of articles in a particular country and the continent.