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The spread of the deadly disease Coronavirus has had a negative impact on every aspect of human life, including the education sector with no exception. As a preventive measure, Governments worldwide announced lockdown & closure of the educational institutions, promote a drastic change in the education environment, from conventional classroom-based to online interaction-based. As the second wave of the pandemic strikes India with a tsunami of cases, LIS professionals serve as front-line workers to keep the educational system functioning without interruption. The present study tried to analyze the performance of LIS professionals during this nightmare with thousands of barriers, like limited e-content, internet speed, availability of insufficient devices, inadequate technical knowledge, unfamiliar online learning, lack of social & personal relationship, financial crisis and physical & psychological health issues. An online survey was conducted with a sample of N=1000, including 500 library staff & 500 teaching staff, to find the answers to the research questions. According to the study findings, employees’ efficiency, social & personal relationships and financial situations were negatively influenced by lockdown during COVID-19, although they tried hard to complete their goals and serve the community with authentic information & knowledge.