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Major goal of this research was to know the purposes of seeking information resources by the academicians at GC University Lahore. As an allied goal, effort was made to know the role of the university library in meeting information and research needs of the academic faculty. Mixed methods research design was adopted for meeting goals of the research. Explanatory Sequential Design (QUAN + qual) was utilized. Firstly, quantitative data was collected through the instrument of questionnaire and analyzed by SPSS Software. Qualitative data was collected from 30 seasoned academicians working in different departments of the university. Thematic approach was followed to make analysis of the qualitatively driven data. Results of the study show that academicians search information resources for the purposes of preparing lectures, for guiding research scholars and students, for presenting research papers, to keep up with current developments, for writing research articles and enhancing their general knowledge. Findings of the study show that respondents are satisfied with the resources and services of university library. Participants recommend the need of formal training for developing skills to search specific information resources through online sources. Findings of this study are limited to the teaching faculty at GC University Lahore Pakistan, a leading institute of the sub-continent. The study has practical implication for the authorities of the universities and policy-makers of Higher Education Commission, Islamabad to design services in accordance with the needs of faculty members of the university. The study has revealed purposes of seeking information resources by academic faculty of the university, role of the library and practical solutions to meet information and research needs of the teaching faculty members.