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This paper presents a bibliometric study on DC, RGT, and DT of Publications and Citations of ISTL Journal during 2010-2020. The study was based on 224 articles published in ISTL Journal during the years 2010-2020. This paper aims to analyze the Authorship distribution of the publication, degree of collaboration among authors, relative growth rate, and doubling time of publications and citations. It is found from the analysis that the degree of collaboration in ISTL publications is 0.5 i.e., equal to the standard DC. It means the progress of collaborative research neither slow nor so fast. It is in a balanced position. On the other hand, the relative growth rate is not in a stable position during the study period. The doubling time (Dt) rate for different years is increasing compared to the relative growth rate (RTG) during the study period. The relative growth rate of citations for the first three years i.e., 2010-2012 is the highest (mean value 0.45) and the rate of doubling time (Dt) of citations for different years is fluctuating.