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Summer 5-13-2021


Over the years, off-grid solar energy system usage has gained traction around the world - primarily due to the environmental benefits offered, and also facilitating decentralized generation and consumption of electricity in the remote-most pockets. Subsequently, the research on the variety of solar-powered off-grid system applications has attracted much attention and has led to an expansion in the literature. Through a bibliometric analysis, this study aims to identify the most influential research done by academic stakeholders who have contributed in the field of solar off-grid system adoption or usage. To achieve the objectives of the study, peer-reviewed journal articles indexed in Scopus and Web of Science databases that are published between the period of 1982 to 2021 are analyzed using the Bibliometrix - R package tool. The bibliometric analysis done in this study contributes in a number of ways. Firstly, it highlights the countries, institutes, and authors who are highly engaged and have significant publications in the area of off-grid solar system adoption. Secondly, it lists the top journals which are actively encouraging and publishing documents related to this area. Lastly, the study aims to provide insights regarding the research trends that are taking place in the field of decentralized solar energy system usage and adoption, which is helpful for scholars who are interested to contribute to this area of study.