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Summer 5-6-2021


This work was done in the University of North Bengal, West Bengal, Siliguri


The paper examines the bibliographic data of 1436 documents published by the University of North Bengal and retrieves the data for a span of ten years, which was indexed in the Scopus database from 2011 to 2020 on various parameters. The average number of documents published per year was 143.6. The highest number of publications 166 was published in 2020, while the lowest number of publications was 108 in 2011. The relative growth rates (RGR) have decreased in 2019 (-0.34) and highest in 2012 (0.756) for last 10 years. The doubling time (Dt) increased during 2012 to a maximum of 231. Throughout the study, 9907 citations were recorded and a maximum of 2280 citations was noted in 2020. The majority of the documents came from articles, with 1333 coming from journals, and the source of the most funds was from UGC (12.67). Most of the co-authors came from the United States (8.22 per cent), and P Ghosh was the most prolific author, with 118 contributions.