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Emotional Intelligence is a growing field that can be traced from the research publishing from the year when Salovey & Mayer coined EI terminology. However, this field is still lacking synthesizing, chronological, and systematic studies focusing on how EI field has flourished. The objective of current study was to extend the state-of-the-art research work in the field of EI, based on bibliometric research studies published during 2000-2020. The result of the study depicted under subsequent perspectives: growth trend of EI, influential institutions, countries, articles, authors, keywords, and journals, and international collaborations. A publication growth in EI research gradually increase but a rapid increase in publication was found from 2017-2019. As a total, 714-research publications were produced in 579 journals by 1924 authors, which were affiliated with 896 institutions listed in Web of Science (WOS). The top 10 research productive countries, institutions, and authors were analyzed herein. A great number of articles from developed countries were compared in terms of citations. Based on 3-factor and keywords analysis it was concluded that EI, emotion, affective computing, artificial intelligence have attracted extensive research community during the last decade. The development of a global collaboration culture can exceed EI research publication. The implication for social support by providing EI training and publisher offer Web of Science (WOS) indexed journals that deal solely with the core idea to facilitate future EI studies.