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This work embodies a bibliometric investigation of Research Visualization of the Journal of Library Administration from 2005-2020. The Journal of Library Administration is a peer-reviewed academic journal and deals with library management. It has been providing services since 1980 and is published eight times each year by Routledge. This research aims to make a bibliometric examination of the Journal of Library Administration. The journal highlights the various forms of publications such as articles, editorial material, review, correction, and biographical items from the last sixteen years regularly. Data for research have been collected from the Science Citation Index database, Web of Science (Core Collection), and different software have been used for this purpose such as Biblioshiny, VOSviewer, ScientoPy, and MS Excel. This statistical analysis covers the exact statistics of total publications, yearly published documents, authorship patterns, productive organizations, research productive countries, top-cited articles and funding agencies, etc. This paper is supportive for researchers who need to grasp the contemporary patterns of published articles in the Journal of Library Administration and look for further recommendations for additional exploration.