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The present study reveals the bibliometric analysis of research articles published in D-Lib Magazine from 2013 to 2017. The study covers the growth of literature and authorship patterns of the journal during the said period. Further, it analyzes various bibliometrics aspects such as authorship pattern, authors’ degree of collaboration, geographical productivity in scholarly publications and form of citation. For this study, a total of 185 articles are taken up for the evaluation. Necessary bibliometric measures are applied to analyze different publication parameters. The study indicates that the maximum number of articles are in 2015, representing 25.94% of total contributions. The top contributing country during the said period is USA (41.21%). Multi-authored is the leading authorship trend, and the degree of collaboration is 0.76. It is found that the average productivity per author is 0.34, and the average number of authors per paper is 2.90. Out of 3271 citations appended from 185 articles are counted, and average 17.68 citations are published in each article. It is also revealed that journal articles are the popular form of literature in this area.