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Summer 5-19-2021


The Novel Coronavirus disease has been rapidly spreading all around the globe, from the time when it was first reported in the Wuhan city of China. The primary focus of this bibliometric survey is to distinguish the documents which have hypothesized and expanded on the effects of various socio-economic factors when it comes to the spread of the Coronavirus.

This survey does the evaluation on the 480 documents found. The United Kingdom of the Great Britain and United States have contributed the largest number of publications in this field of research followed closely by India and Italy.

The survey includes analysis based on geographical regional, analysis of network, analysis on the basis of type of publication, dialect in which the document is written in.

We have also considered the universities, institutes and authors that have contributed in this research area. This bibliometric survey concludes that the highest number publications of “Socio-Economic factors affecting the spread of COVID-19” are from articles, review papers associated with agriculture and biological sciences. The documents that were analyzed are considered from the time period of 2020 to 2021.