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Summer 6-12-2021


Bibliographic Survey on Optimal Capacitor Placement from 1981-2021


In this paper, Bibliometric survey has been carried out on Optimal Capacitor Placement from 1981 to 2021. Scopus database has been used for the analysis. There were total 909 documents found on the topic of Optimal Capacitor placement. The statistical analysis is carried out source-wise, year-wise, area-wise, Country-wise, University wise, author-wise, and based on funding agency. Network analysis is also carried out based on Co-authorship, Co-occurrence, Citation Analysis and Bibliographic coupling. Results are presented. During 2016, there were 77 documents published which is the highest. International Journal of Electrical Power and Energy Systems of Elsevier has published 37 documents during the period of study which is highest under the category of sources. VOSviewer 1.6.16 is the software that is used for statistical analysis and network analysis on the database. It provides a very effective way to analyze the co-authorship, co-occurrences, citations and bibliometric couplings etc. The source for all Tables and figures is, The data is assessed on 6th June, 2021.