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Spring 6-23-2021


This study aims to determine the development map of halal tourism research that is published by reputable journal. By searching with the keyword “Halal Tourism”, the data analyzed from 65 publications of indexed halal tourism research publications. The results showed that the number of publications on the development of halal tourism research from 2009-2020 experienced a fluctuated increase and the most were published in 2020. The author who published the most research results in the field of halal tourism was Amr Al-Ansi, Mohamed Battour and Joan C. Henderson. In addition, the most significant journal on halal tourism is International Journal of Tourism Research. Based on the concept of Imam Shatibi higher objective (Raysuni, 2005), the indicators for halal tourism competitiveness index are divided into 6 goals, and total of 16 components. In the future, this index can be used to measure the locus of cities, provinces and countries in terms of halal tourism.



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