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Background: This paper analyzes the position estimation of UAV in a 3D environment, on the basis of inertial sensors and sensor fusion algorithm, done from the year 1994 to 2020. This paper contains various bibliometric analyses previously done on this topic.

Methods: The content for this topic was taken from the popular Scopus database. The Scopus provides many filters for searching databases with different document categories like document by year, country, etc. The research carried in this paper also includes co-authorship, citation analysis, etc.

Results: A total of 345 articles were obtained from the last 20 years, on the topic of position estimation using inertial sensors based on sensor fusion. After analyzing this, it was concluded that the maximum amount of research was done in the year 2020 and it was seen that the contribution from china is maximum on this topic. The research is also increasing year by year.

Conclusions: Out of 345 articles the English language has the largest number of articles on the position estimation of UAV in a 3D environment. From the analysis of it, it was seen that the number of articles was increased drastically in recent years; it was mostly due to the advancement in algorithms. This was clearly indicating that soon more advanced algorithms will come, which will provide a lot of scope for further research.