Libraries at University of Nebraska-Lincoln


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Published in Library Philosophy and Practice (2011) 8 p.


The well administered university library directs its activities towards the fulfillment of these objectives. One of such activities is the acquisition and organization of information resources. The university library exists in an academic context and its role is subsumed in developing a highly visible collection that is well organized and serves as academic support for teaching, learning and research by faculty and students. Considering the role library plays in the university therefore, its collections have to be broad in terms of quantity and quality for faculty to appreciate its essence and use especially in teaching and research (Weber and Flatley, 2008).These resources include both book and non book materials..The importance of the library is further underscored by the need for faculty to be abreast with current trend in their areas of research. In view of the above, this paper evaluates the use of the library’s collection and services by the faculty of Covenant University.