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Summer 6-5-2021


This is my 4th paper at this platform



The paper aimed to extract and analyze the work of Pakistan Research Repository (A theses portal of Higher Education Commission, Pakistan. Quantitative research has been carried out to describe the purpose and scope of the Pakistan Research Repository and its contribution to the research arena. A center measurement has also been brought into use to make it more effective and efficient to inquire about the contents being shown to the researchers of Pakistan and abroad.


The article focuses on quantitative and critical analysis of Pakistan Research Repository. A multi-tier research design was used to know about PRR. The material for this paper was drawn from the official website of Higher Education Commission HEC, Pakistan and Pakistan Research Repository (PRR). Information was also gathered from the experts who contributed relevant papers to the subject.


The result of the paper shows that Pakistan Research Repository has projected a total of 15279 Theses & Dissertations on its website from different institutions of Pakistan. The collected data was organized in one place, and free access has been granted to researchers in Pakistan and abroad. This study has further elaborated the valuable insight about the current status of PRR. It has been observed that the creation of this project was a landmark for the research community in Pakistan and abroad. The study also highlights that how researchers, faculty, and students benefited from the Pakistan Research Repository.

Research limitations/implications

The researcher has only highlighted the research repository of Higher Education of Pakistan and has not been extended to other similar projects in the country. This study has encouraged researchers to highlight Repository projects throughout the country. The article is a case study and focuses on PRR only. Researchers in the library field are encouraged to shed light on a similar project for projection in Pakistan. The study is generally helpful for the researchers in Pakistan and particularly for the stakeholders of HEC to further refurbish the project for the extension of scholarly works being produced in Pakistan.

Social implications

The paper will help manage PRR and enhance a better scope for the researchers in Pakistan to portray a better image of their research output in Pakistan.


The paper provided a critical review on the research repository in Pakistan and will enhance a policy input among researchers in Pakistan and stakeholders of HEC to make it further refurbish by showcasing research in different institutions of Pakistan.

Keywords: Electronic Theses; Theses & dissertations; Scholarly works; Academia; Pakistan Research Repository