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Renewable energy as a solution to supply future and current needs. This paper aims to review the status and visual map position of research in the internationally renewable energy and solar panel literature indexed Scopus that used a bibliometric positioning overview. The research was carried out using bibliometric techniques. Data analysis as well as visualization utilising VOSViewer program and the Scopus function for analyse search results. In this review, the details collected applied to 1,598 documents issued from 1989 through 2020. The study reveal that National University of Singapore and India Studies were the most active affiliated institutions scientists and nation in renewable energy and solar panel literature. In renewable energy and solar panel literature, the Engineering and Energy Procedia were the most areas of study and dissemination sources. There were eight worldwide group maps with collaborative researchers. In order to identify the body of knowledge created from thirty-two years of publication, this study constructed a convergence axis grouping comprising of renewable energy and solar panel literature: Solar energy, Energy, Renewable energy, Management, Power, Technology, and Environmental, abbreviated as SERMPTE.



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