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Summer 6-1-2021


The present study has been carried out to find out the research performance in the field of Oxygen Therapy in India during 1991-2021 as indexed in the Web of Science database. A total 1648 research publications have been found in the Web of Science during 31 years period of 1991-2021 and were downloaded for analyze with the help of Histcite, VosViewer and Biblioshiny. The study also provide comparative performance of different Scientometric parameters including total research productivity, yearly research output, authorship pattern, International collaboration, Institution wise concentration, Source wise distribution of publications, Subject wise publications, most prolific authors and highly Cited papers etc. The most collaborated countries are: United States with 177 (14699 Citations), Saudi Arabia with 54 (3235 Citations), UK with 52 (9432 Citations), Australia with 49 (8418 Citations), Canada with 46 (8666 Citations). The most productive Institutions are: Indian Institute of Science Bangalore with 106 publications and registered 3018 Citations followed by Indian Institute of Technology with 84 and registered 1815 Citations, All India Institute of Medical Science with 72 (3372 Citations), Bhabha Atom Res Centre with 41 (549 Citations), Postgrad Institute of Med Education & Research with 36(927 Citations). The most preferred journals were: RSC ADVANCES topped the list with 32 (496 Citations) articles followed by DALTON TRANSACTIONS with 25 (885 Citations) articles, MATERIALS SCIENCE & ENGINEERING C-MATERIALS FOR BIOLOGICAL APPLICATIONS with 21 (564 Citations) articles, JOURNAL OF PHOTOCHEMISTRY AND PHOTOBIOLOGY B-BIOLOGY with 20 (309 Citations) articles. The average number of publications published per year was 29.79 the highest number of papers 217, 166, 152 were published in 2020, 2019, 2018. Authorship and collaboration trend was towards multi-authored papers (1648) from 8575 authors. The collaboration Index is 5.19.