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Summer 5-28-2021


Anthropogenic global warming, deforestation, and resource depletion have been probably the most important challenges affecting the planet today. To address problems, we'll need to make significant modifications to our power connectivity. The author of this paper demonstrates the effectiveness of using sunlight, a green energy source, whose goal is to provide global power for all applications (electricity, transport infrastructure, heat pumps, and several others). As a consequence, energy is important to both the global economy and everyday life. Notwithstanding the increasing demand and productivity, the electrical power grid has held constant throughout the last 20 years. However, the implementation and use of alternative energy sources of power found to bring a significant effect upon this electricity network. PV systems began as a revolutionary method for generating low-cost power. Solar energy looks to have the potential to assist the world in meeting its rising power needs. Using photovoltaic systems to produce electricity directly from the sun reduces air emissions significantly, preventing the adverse effects of all these pollutants on the environment.



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