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In 2021 and the modern future which everyone is going to be a part of, Artificial intelligence is going to be the biggest part of our livelihood. In the future there is going to be a huge expansion of population especially at the rate right now which we are moving but the biggest problem which everyone should be concerned about is the food supply as many of the nations would not be able to feed and make survive their population as even now, there is scarcity of it. Currently in the world the people revolving around the artificial intelligence are dependent on it for many tasks and even for the agricultural purpose they are having an aim to use it as a tool. Once this achievement is accomplished the food shortage problem could be overcome, we should be concern about it because we as humans waste almost 1.6 billion tons of primary food products so slowly we are understanding it and developing new measures like saving food and the most important is to take care of our plants and crops. We are believing that A.I is going to have a key role in it, so we are trying to deploy models using different techniques like Resnet, VCG, Inception, Google NET in different ways to protect our crops and plants. Now as we are going and paving our way to prevent the lack of supply of food through artificial intelligence so we are going to discuss in this study about various researches in artificial intelligence around the world that have been used ,analysis by presenting the actual numbers of paper sources or research that has been done till now, and also which countries are primarily progressed in it and the top numbers of languages contributed towards this research and even the recent number of studies which are been performed on new architecture developed for this purpose. We have also mentioned a few statistical analyses on datasets, Frameworks and data analysis methods used across worldwide.