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Purpose: This research's main goal was to know the resources and services being offered to the visually impaired students at GC University Lahore and their level of satisfaction with the facilities they are being provided.

Design/methodology/approach: Quantitative study design was opted to get the purpose of this research. Convenience Sampling technique was applied to get required results. 50 visually impaired students were chosen as a sample from the population of almost 300 special students who were currently enrolled in different disciplines at GC University Lahore. Required data was collected after having used close-ended interview technique because majority of the target population was blind. Gathered data were analyzed.

Research limitation (s): This study is limited to the physically disabled students & researchers of Government College University Lahore, Pakistan.

Key finding (s): The research findings reveal that visually impaired students can become valuable members of society if they are provided equal opportunities. The Centre for Special Students (CSS) at the University gives two fundamental freedoms to VIPs, first independence to excel in an academic environment, and the second choice in library services. The majority of the visually impaired students are satisfied with the resources and facilities which they are being provided at GC University Lahore. Disabled students utilize braille for reading purposes. They prefer electronic materials. They also face problems due to the lack of required equipment in meeting their needs.