Libraries at University of Nebraska-Lincoln



Academic libraries play a key role in encouraging literacy and cultural interest in students, staff and the community. In the present-day world, theft and vandalism has become very common and a severe problem in academic college libraries. This research paper mainly deals with work of the library professionals in investigating the book theft, vandalism, mutilation activities, and planning polices to control these malicious activities. A structured online questionnaire was prepared for the college librarians to the gather data for the research study. The research data was collected from forty library professionals. Insufficient copies of text books are the main cause for vandalism agreed upon by the majority 85% of the respondents. 80% of the library professionals mentioned to have CCTV installation which can reduce malpractices in the libraries As per the research study 100% of respondents agree that by conducting orientation program, checking the requirements of the patrons, providing the necessary resources required by them, by using wire mesh for windows and having a single way for entry and exit will help in combating vandalistic activities in the academic libraries. This study will also help the library professionals as well as the patrons to preserve and guard invaluable academic wealth of libraries for potential generations.