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Summer 5-31-2021


The survey and bibliometric research on dynamic target tracking by a mobile robot are discussed in this paper. The primary goal of this bibliometric analysis is to comprehend and analyze the scope of the literature in the field of mobile robots for obstacle avoidance, path planning and target tracking using Robot Operating System (ROS). The ROS contains various tools for data analysis, incorporates multiple robots and their sensors, and supports devices interaction for target seeking and localization in mobile robots. This detailed review was performed on various research publications about the mapping of the unknown field/environment by the ROS based wheeled mobile robot using sensors such as accelerometer, GPS. The bibliometric analysis is mainly focused on research papers found on various sources like Research Gate, Scopus etc., and elaborated using visualization tools such as GPS visualizer and VOS viewer. The bibliometric research reveals that the majority of publications come from Chinese journals, conferences, and papers, accompanied by US and Indian institute publications. The time-series dataset from 2010 to 13th May 2021. The subject of Computer Science makes the most important contribution, followed by Engineering and Mathematics.