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The acceptance and rapid growth of Green Computing in recent years has led to an enormous number of publications comprising the achieved knowledge of this area of research. The present study aims to observe the literature growth of green computing throughout the Web of Science core collection database during the period 2010-2020. A total of 307 articles were retrieved and tabulated in excel and then analyzed as per the objectives of the study. Co-authorship network visualization of authors and countries was visualized using VOSviewer software. The results show that year 2020 has the maximum number of contributions; China has a maximum number of 85 (27.687%) contributions, followed by the USA which has 80 (26.059%) contributions; affiliation wise Jawaharlal Nehru University and Nottingham Trent University have equal and maximum 7(2.280%) contributions; 104 (33.876%) of the publications have the length in between 11-15 pages. Based on the network visualization of co-authorship of authors and countries, there are 8 clusters, 178 links, and the total link strength is 204 and 10 clusters, 141 links, and the total link strength is 233, respectively.