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Summer 5-31-2021

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Modern-day automobiles have several Electronic Control Units (ECUs) integrated into them so naturally, compared to the older cars, their complexity is too high, and this trend of increasing complexity in the cars of the future will continue to increase. Consequently, with the increase in the software part in the vehicles, there is always the risk of a potential bug. Whenever a software bug is found, a recall process is required to update the software. The modern ECU update technology is achieved through the interaction of information between the remote server and the end equipment of the vehicle. Therefore, due to the development of the network technology, the ECU remote upgrade technology has the application environment and the technology base. The primary purpose of this bibliometric analysis is to recognize the horizon of literature obtainable in the field of microcontroller boot loading procedures through serial ports. This bibliometric review is mainly based on the database of Scopus, IEEE, NXP community and software like Microsoft Excel and GPS visualizer. From this bibliometric review it is observed that prime publications come from conference, articles and journals from Chinese publishers, followed by US and Indian publishers and some from South Korea. The research articles published between the years 2011 to 2021 were considered. Most of the contributions came from disciplines such as Computer Technology and Engineering, followed by Mathematics.