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Summer 6-1-2021


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This research study aims to find out the research productivity of the Journal of Education & Humanities Research (JEHR) from 2016 to 2020. The present study also finds the frequency of productivity, author collaboration, paper length, most cited papers, and most productive authors and most productive departments and universities. The present research finds the 107 research articles have been contributed by University faculty members. The highest number of papers has been published 44 in 2018 and 20 papers were published in 2017. The current study finds the vol.5 and vol.6. Contributed 21 and 23 research articles respectively. This present study identifies those 46 two authors and 30 authors were counted in three. The authors identified the degree of collaboration was 0.87. The study reveals the length of the paper where the majority of the 45 range of 11-15 and 23 were range of 16-20. The most productive author was Dr.Abdul Nasir Kaizai from the institute of education and Research with 7 papers ranked 1st. the paper declared the most productive department was an institute of education and Research with 26 research articles. This study determines the most productive institution were SBKWU, Quetta, and Hamdard Univerity Karachi with 6 papers each.