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The purpose of present study is to explore the bibliometric features of scientific productions in the domain of gender studies for the period of 2011–2020. The data of the scientific productions were retrieved from the Scopus database. The key words “Gender” and “Equality” were applied as topic terms to search articles published during the study period. The statistical analysis was conducted by using the R Studio, MS Excel and VOS Viewer. A total of 7619 scientific productions were published during the study period. It was found that in the last decade there is a 238% increase in the number of publications on gender equality. Majority of the papers (73.87%) were published as journal articles. USA and UK are leading in terms of distribution of country wise research productions. Together they account for nearly half (48%) of the publications. Geary DC (USA) and Stoet (UK) are the most cited authors and the journal ‘Gender and Development’ has the highest numbers of publications. Many bibliometric studies have been conducted in the domain of natural and life sciences, but very few studies have been conducted in the field of social sciences. Therefore, the researchers can gain from the bibliometric information regarding the scientific productions in the field of gender equality, which is one of the dominant fields of inquiry of social sciences. The present study will provide important information regarding the trends of academic publication in the field of gender equality. It is the first systematic study on gender equality which assist the researchers to comprehend the most prominent contributions, productive journals, prolific authors, country specific productivity and other related indicators.

Keywords: Gender Equality, Bibliometrics, Citation Analysis, Scientometrics; VOSViewer; Social Sc.