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This paper sought to determine the implementation of curbside/book pick-up services within South African University libraries. This study seeks to quantify South African university libraries that use curbside book pick-up services during the COVID-19 pandemic


The study employed a quantitative approach where informetrics has been used as the primary data collection method to analyse the implementation of curbside/book pick-up services on the web pages of 26 South African University Libraries.


This study indicates that only a few South African university libraries have implemented curbside/book pick-up services. The study further reveals that those libraries that have implemented this type of service have utilised various methods to facilitate book requests.

Practical implications

This study recommends the development of contingency plans for libraries to stay abreast of changes in their environments. The implementation of enhanced and innovative lending services for printed materials.

Social implications

The paper sheds light on a strategic method for enhancing lending services in academic libraries. It can also be used as a benchmarking tool for those libraries planning on implementing this type of service. The usage of curbside pick-up services can be essential during times of crisis in enhancing lending endeavors and meeting the needs of the users


This study adds value to the innovative lending services in libraries, especially during times of crisis. As there is no evidence of previously conducted studies on this phenomenon, this paper can be used to initiate further research on curbside book pick-up services in libraries