Libraries at University of Nebraska-Lincoln


Date of this Version

Summer 6-22-2021


Purpose: This study aimed to assess the usages of e-resources by the teaching staff of the KFUPM and evaluate the level of awareness, knowledge of the availability and retrieval of electronic resources.

Methodology: A survey was designed to conduct the study using Google form and send it to the targeted participants through email. One hundred-one responses were received from the eight colleges and 33 departments of KFUPM.

Results: The majority of teaching staff uses electronic resources and are aware of them. Most of them access electronic resources for their research work; most of them access electronic resources from off-campus and are satisfied with electronic resources. However, some issues exist while accessing electronic resources, difficulty finding important information, website restrictions, and in some cases, lack of awareness. Most participants suggested that library websites should be user-friendly to provide unified access to electronic resources.



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