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The purpose of the study is to explore the bibliometric features of scientific publications in the area of climate action for the period during 1995–2020, thus, enabling the scientific community to understand the research progress on the topic. The data of the scientific publications were retrieved from the Scopus database. The key word “Climate Action” were applied as topic terms to search articles published during the study period. Total 1638 scientific publications retrieved for statistical analysis for bibliometric analysis and for visualization network analysis study has VOSviewer© tools along with RStudio and MS Excel. Result shows steady progress on the annual production of publications. In the year 2016 received maximum 3321 citations followed by year 2018 and 2015 with total citation of 2078 and 2038 respectively. in the year 2017 maximum citate rate reported in the study. USA, Netherland and UK received highest citation in the domain of climate action. Uni. Of Oxford contributed with maximum publications and climate policy and sustainability were the most productive source title reported in the study. Present study also calculate the most prolific authors and production life of author. The network visualization was presented in terms of co-authorship, co-occurrence of keywords, citation and co-citation of references and bibliographic coupling analysis with clusters, links and total link strength. The study provides significant information on the trends of academic publication in the domain. It is one of the most comprehensive study on climate action which will aid the potential researchers to identify the most prominent contributions, county-wise research distribution, author and journal productivity and other related indicators.

Key Words: Climate Action; Bibliometric; Citation Analysis; Scientometrics; Climate Change; VOSviewer©; RStudio