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Summer 6-3-2021

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The present study examines 1261 Indian publications on "Antimicrobial Therapy" as covered in Web of Science database during 1991-2021, experiencing an Average Citation per document 24.1, Average Citations per year document 3493, 1261 publications from 574 sources and collaborative index is 5.48. The top 10 highly cited papers registered 202 to 5378 citations, and together contributed 8521 citations, leading to the average citation per paper of 852.1. The study analyses the Indian publications output in Antimicrobial Therapy research during 1991-2021 on different parameters including contribution & citation impact of top most productive collaborative countries, India's overall contribution, its growth pattern and citation impact, contribution of leading countries and identification of leading foreign collaborating partners, impact of leading Indian institutions and authors and pattern of communication of Indian output in most productive journals. The Web of Science citation database has been used to retrieve the data for 31 years (1991-21) by searching the keywords “Antimicrobial Therapy” in Topic field and limited to India with address field. The assessment revealed that a total of 1261 papers were published by the Antimicrobial Therapy research during the study period, which received 30409 citations in total. The most Collaborative countries are: USA with 119 (9943 Citations), UK with 57 (7055 Citations) Saudi Arabia with 47 (862 Citations), China with 41 (2190 Citations). The most productive and leading Institutions are: All India Institute of Medical Science from Delhi with 68 (1330 Citations), Postgrad Institute of Med Education & Research 49 with (765 Citations), Christian Med College & Hospital from Vellore, Tamilnadu with 41 (703 Citations) Panjab with 40 (653 Citations), Panjab University, Panjab with 30 (476), Indian Institute of Technology with 29 (461 Citations), CSIR with 22 (515 Citations), Indian Institute of Science with 21 (624 Citations). The most preferred journals are: INDIAN JOURNAL OF MEDICAL MICROBIOLOGY with 38 Publications and received 468 Citations, INDIAN JOURNAL OF MEDICAL RESEARCH with 33 and received 706 Citations, FRONTIERS IN MICROBIOLOGY with 22 and received 462 Citations. Kumar A tops the list of most influential authors with 26 articles (318 Citations), Singh S with 24 articles (291 Citations), Sharma S with 22 articles (713 Citations), Veeraraghavan B with 21 articles (179 Citations) and Gupta S with 18 articles (602 Citations). Major portion of these publications appeared in foreign journals of repute, as reflected by their impact factor. The study also indicates that Indian scientists have huge international collaboration in this field. Indian literature output peaked at about the same time as that of the world output.