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The study comprehends intellectual structure and publication pattern of scholarly articles published in the Journal of Money Laundering Control ranging from the year 2014 to 2020 through the prevailing methods of bibliometric analysis. The study finds that the JMLC has published the lowest number of 29 papers in 2014 and the highest number of 117 papers in the publishing year 2020. Regarding country wise distribution of research productivity, the UK is the top performer followed by Switzerland, and the USA. The degree of collaboration (DC) in JMLC publications is found to be 0.34. The study intends to provide its readers fundamental knowledge about the most influential contributions, the most prolific authors, country productivity, and bibliographic coupling, co-citation, keyword co-occurrence and related facets. Scholars undertaking bibliometric studies can take benefits from the insights into the intellectual structure of the Journal of Money Laundering Control. Moreover, readers and authors of JMLC could gain the basic ideas about the editorial objectives and publication traits of the journal.