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Summer 6-7-2021


The current research has been conducted to tress out the science research output of University of Delhi (DU) in the last five years (2015-2019) after using Web of Science (WOS) database. The present study has used Web of Science databases to collect the science research output of University of Delhi for the specified period. The retrieved data were analyzed using specific parameters. This study investigates the most productive institutes, countries, authors the impact of their output in terms of Relative Citation Impact (RCI) and Citation per Paper (CPP). For visualizing purposes, VOS Viewer has been used. We retrieved 6500 papers from Web of Science, consisting of 87.6% journal articles, 6.29% proceeding papers, and 6.15% review articles. The analysis of data indicates that consistent growth with increasing multi-authorship is the general trend of research. Multiauthored papers with international collaboration have more research impact (CPP, RCI) compared to others. USA, Germany, Korea topped the list of collaborating countries in science research. However, Canada made the very best effect in phrases of CPP and RCI. The University of Delhi has a major collaboration with BHU, JNU, IIT, and CSIR in terms of domestic collaboration. The study can be better used for further identification of research areas in sciences where attention can be given.



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