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Summer 6-7-2021


The purpose of this study is to investigate the effect of librarians' happiness programs on the service quality from the perspective of Iranian public library users. To this end, 25 active users’ two libraries were randomly placed in the control and experimental groups. The result showed that although the theoretical part of the research could not achieve significant predicted results, the beginning and planning of applied and operational research fosters creativity and innovation in this social institution such as public libraries. Achieving this requires the provision of preliminaries, including the creation of authoritative scientific texts in the field of public libraries in Iran, are required. Considering that in previous studies, the relationship between happiness and human resources has been evaluated. Using a quasi-experimental method, this study investigated the effect of happiness program training on the quality of public library services from the users' point of view, which is a thematic innovation of the present study and can be a roadmap for conducting basic theoretical and practical research in Iranian public libraries.



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