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Corresponding author: Khurram Shahzad (


The information age has compelling reasons for university students to seek information literacy (IL) skills. IL skills are more challenging for students at the undergraduate level when they are prone to academic and scholarly literature. This study examined the students’ satisfaction level with their IL skills. The study also investigated the importance of IL programs as perceived by the students. Undergraduate and postgraduate students, currently enrolled at engineering universities in Pakistan, participated in this research. A quantitative research approach was adopted to conduct this study and the data were collected from 352 participants using a self-administered structured questionnaire. Data were analyzed using SPSS version 27. The findings of this study indicate that engineering students have an average level of information literacy skills. There was no mean difference found based on gender in satisfaction level of IL skills of the student. Findings show that engineering students graded IL programs necessary to strengthen their IL skills. Moreover, participants expressed a need for structured and focused IL programs.