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The study was designed and conducted to evaluate the use of university library resources and services by nursing students of Lead City University, Ibadan. Descriptive survey design was use for this study and the population all nursing students was approximately 500 as at the time of this study, 20% of the population (100) was used. Close observation and a structured questionnaire were used with 100% return rate. Data collected were analyzed using descriptive statistics (frequency counts and simple percentages). The findings shows that minority (14%) of the respondents don’t use the library on daily basis, among all the library information resources, textbooks command that highest level of patronage, accessibility and user satisfaction followed, reference resources, then newspapers. On the factors that discourages usage of the Library, resources and services, slow internet connection ranked the highest (92%) followed by library closing hours with 84% agreement, then insufficient charging points (82%), epileptic power supply accounted for 72% and lack of book borrowing service (circulation) accounted for 70%. Study however recommend constant and frequent in-house evaluation of the Library resources and services, start operating an open system where users can borrow books, conduciveness of the library environment should be of paramount interest to the library management.

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Key Words: Evaluation, Library, Resources, Services, facilities.