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E-government research has increasingly been raised since ICT was used in the public sector, but it has not yet reached the maturity stage. It contributes to the high number of research published in recent years. However, there is still limited or no bibliometric analysis conducted to analyze e-government research as a whole in the last decade. The purpose of the study is to establish bibliometric analysis as an extensive review of e-government literature. The method used in this study consists of five steps: defining search keywords, initializing search results, refining search results, compiling preliminary data statistics and analyzing data. The result shows that as many as 4322 datasets were refined from Scopus databases and visualized using Vosviewer. The cluster analysis shows the main research topics in the e-government field based on its unique association of the set of keywords within the cluster. The study also presents the potential topics for future study based on the analysis of keywords with less frequent occurence.