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Published in Library Philosophy and Practice (2011) 7 p.


The paper evaluates chemistry journals at IIT Kharagpur discover with statistical measures a better way to manage journal collections in the library. It attempts to discover the impact of each journal at the local level. Questionnaire data coupled with citation statistics from SciFinder were used for the evaluation of chemistry journals. A questionnaire was prepared to elicit pertinent data on the use of journals by the respondents. In the second part of the study, the cited references of selected journals for 2005 and 2006 were collected from SciFinder Scholar based on data from the questionnaires. The ISI impact factor for each journal was obtained to find global usage trends. The survey found that 15 (29.41%) journals are used by 50% or more respondents, 14 (27.45%) are used by 10% or less respondents and 02 titles are never used. The research is limited to the jurisdiction of IIT Kharagpur. The population of this study is confined to the faculty and research scholars of Department of Chemistry, IIT Kharagpur.The result of this study will be useful in making decisions for collection development of journals in libraries. The quantitative aspects of the evaluation will be highly useful for acquisitions librarians for proper management of the collection and optimal use of the funds allocated for the purpose. The paper is the outcome of a survey undertaken among the faculty and research scholars of IIT Kharagpur. The research findings are original in nature and can be a basis for further research in this area