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This study assessed the extent to which scholars in the field of Psychology are aware and utilise the PsyarXiv preprint server for the communication of research materials before eventual publication. The study was guided by three specific research questions. The descriptive survey research design was employed by the researcher. Considering the manageable number of participants in the population, a census was conducted. Data were collected using a questionnaire designed by the researcher and titled “Awareness and Utilisation of PsyarXiv Questionnaire (AUPQ). The instrument was tested for reliability using Cronbach alpha and the test yielded acceptable values for an internally consistent instrument. Mean, standard deviation and simple linear regression analysis were used in the analysis of data. Findings showed that there was generally a low extent in the level of awareness and utilisation of PsyarXiv preprint server amongst psychology scholars in universities. The study also found a weak positive and significant relationship between staff awareness and the utilisation of PsyarXiv for the dissemination of research preprints. A 10% increase in staff level of awareness was responsible for a 3.31% increase in staff utilisation of the PsyarXiv preprint server. Based on these findings and conclusions, practical and research implications were discussed. It was suggested that future scholars expand the scope of their studies for a more representative generalisation.