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Summer 6-14-2021


Research evaluation plays a vital role to find out the strength and weakness of the given field. The current research was based on the Bibliometrics analysis of fourteen private universities of Himachal Pradesh between 2004 and 2019 using the Scopus database. A total of 3923 publications were examined in this study. In this research, we took basic parameters like year wise growth of publications, citation growth by University, year-wise citation growth, most prolific author, most favourite source and most global cited documents. The result showed that journal was the most preferred form of publication in this study. Further, the study reported that 2019 was the most productive year because there were 629 publications published in that year. In this study, we found that the most preferred journal for publication was “Journal of High Energy Physics” and the most prolific author was “Singh, G.” with 158. The highly cited paper found in this study was “Surface modification of inorganic nanoparticles for development of organic-inorganic nanocomposites - A review by Kango S., with 1102 citations”.