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Entrepreneurial skills equip students with abilities that increase their employment potential and include: the abilities to solve problems, to develop social interaction, abilities to find information and to handle it for decision making, planning, communication and presentation skills. This study examined entrepreneur skills as determinants to job opportunities among LIS postgraduate students in university of Ilorin. Four objectives with one hypothesis were identified to guide the study. The target population include postgraduates students of LIS in university of Ilorin both Master and PhD students with population of 101 students (PG coordinator, 2021) There was no sample and sampling techniques as the population was not large enough for sampling as such the study adopted a purposive sampling technique with 16 item questionnaire was the instrument designed and used for the study. The study use simple percentage, table and frequency as methods of data analysis. However, the null hypothesis for the study was tested with Pearson’s product moment correlation (PPMC). The study found out that communication skills, technological/technical skills, marketing/saleable skills, management skills and financial risk skills as entrepreneurship skills on job opportunities. The study also found out that inadequate funding, poor infrastructural support, poor policy formulation, fear of failing and lack of willingness to take risk as challenges associated with entrepreneurship skills on job opportunities. However, the study recommends that Government should formulate policies that would help LIS postgraduate on entrepreneurship skills and access to credits should be given priority by government to LIS postgraduate students in university of Ilorin