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This paper is a bibliometric analysis of research publications in the field of dispute resolution of family matters. The paper analyses the frequency of publications in this arena and identifying the research gaps. The paper utilizes literature published on this subject available at the Scopus database from 2011 to 2020. A total of 59 documents varying from books, chapters, articles, and journals have been extracted and analyzed for the purpose of this study. This data is further analyzed and presented in the forms of tables, maps, graphs, etc using VOSviewer and IMAPBuilder software. The study shows that even though there is plenty of research available in dispute resolution and family law individually, the connection of resolving family matters through the dispute resolution process is still an under-researched area. It is recommended that the research should not only be limited to resolving matrimonial conflicts but should also focus on other family relations like siblings, parent-child, extended family disputes, etc. Better funding and more advanced research on this topic should be encouraged.



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