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Published in Library Philosophy and Practice (2011) 11 p.


This study investigates the pattern of School Resource Centre (SRC) use among teachers from selected high schools in Malaysia. Survey methodology was used and questionnaire was the only instrument used to gather relevant information for the study. The findings of the study indicated that the level of SRC usage among teachers is still low. While only a small number of teachers really used SRC services for their teaching-learning purposes. In general, the study seems to suggest that there was an overall lack of interest in the use of SRC by teachers. The findings further revealed the factors that might have contributed to this low utilisation (i.e. limited awareness about the importance and role SRC play in supporting and complementing the school curriculum or the materials available in SRC are not in support of the curriculum, lack of training, promotion, and implementation of information literacy programmes for teachers and students). The paper concludes with recommendations to encourage the teachers to frequent the use of SRC in order to improve their teaching-learning methods.