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Fall 6-15-2021


This study examines the media habits and the online reading behaviour of university students in Mizoram. The primary objectives of the study are 1) To map the media habits of university students 2) To study the reading behaviour of university students 3) To determine online news reading behaviour of university students. We employed a survey method as the major research method in this study and the questionnaire is a tool used for collecting survey data. We divided the questionnaire into four sections dealing with socio-demographic information, media habits, reading behaviour and news-consuming behaviour. Mizoram University is selected as the population for the study and ten samples from each 26 departments of the Mizoram University are chosen using simple random sampling. A total of 260 questionnaires were sent out, and 230 were returned. According to the findings from the questionnaire, the respondents choose online media more than traditional media and the majority of them visit online news sites at least two times a day.