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Summer 6-15-2021


Several conservative sectors and employers are embracing equality objectives, including financial institutions, for example, more importantly, there has been a change in attitude and support towards the LGBT+ issues, which has been noticed in other professions and companies, including law and accountancy. The LGBT group includes Lesbians, Gay, Bisexuals and Transgender sexual orientation. Gay men and heterosexuals have also been observed to be in these groups. If we talk only about sexual orientation, we should avoid using the label “lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender” More than one of these labels can recognise and identify a person. The organization should review and structure LGBTQ including workplace policies and procedures. The research identifies major contributors, recent trends, contexts and supports in the field of study. The paper adopted, systematic literature reviews and network reviews, bibliometrics and network analysis (NA), to evaluate the research events that have taken place in this topic, collecting a sample of 195 documents from the Scopus database. After analysing different viewpoints, such as the initial data structures, bibliometrics and network, the study is an essential basis for the understanding of LGBTQ, its current indications, and the environment in which the analysis advances. The goal of the researchers is to identify major contributors, as well as identify the currently being investigated variables. such as discrimination in the workplace, LGBTQ inclusion and promotes for additional directions in the field of LGBTQ inclusion at workplace.